New website launched

You might have noticed that we have completely overhauled our website.  You should find that it is user friendly and provides practical information and tools you can use.  This website is for you, our valued clients..…we want to make sure that your thoughts are heard.  As you have an opportunity to browse through the site please note areas in which we can improve, then submit any suggestions you have in the comments page.  We promise to quickly consider your suggestions and make changes where we can.

From time to time we will add information that we hope you will find both useful and interesting.  This might include tips on how you can help us maximize your surety limits, or stay ahead of the curve to make sure our files for your company contain current information that can speed up the response time for your bond requests, or things you might consider that might reduce your insurance costs, or, perhaps, the latest news on pending legislation which might have an impact on your company.

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